We cannot see or touch school spirit.  We hardly know how to define it,
yet it is one of the most powerful forces of Bradshaw.

It is doing our best in LITERARY COMPETITION.

It is our ATHLETIC TEAMS, fighting hard to win.
It is our CLASSROOMS, where we do our best.
It is the THRILL of victories and the ACCEPTANCE of honorable defeat.
It is the DETERMINATION to put honest effort into high school years.
It is the COURTESY and CONSIDERATION we show to our classmates, our teachers, and our visitors.
It is YOU, our students in the halls, on the campus, around the city, as you

proudly back every worthy cause of the school and protect its good name.


It is the most precious HERITAGE of the school.







Bruno the mighty Bruin is on the top of the crest.  A laurel wreath surrounds a block "B" symbolizing athletics.  In the upper right hand corner is the mask of comedy and a lyre, symbolizes fine arts.  Wilson Dam symbolize power and the quill and scroll symbolize literature.  Finally, in the lower right corner is the fist of energy, that symbolizes the electric industry of our area.











When back we look, successes prove our all enduring will.

To see the Mark, we set so high, move ever skyward still.

The mark of the Bruin has now been made.

Its highest challenge we will not evade.

Yes Bradshaw, Dear Bradshaw, will forever be,

In our hearts through eternity.

Bradshaw, Dear Bradshaw.




Go, ye mighty Bruins, raise your sound.

Everybody knows you're best, dear Orange and Brown.

So win ye, mighty Bruins, may you never fall.

And when the Battle is o'er, the Bears will conquer all.



Bradshaw High School, in partnership with our community, strives to motivate all students to believe in themselves, to respect others, and to experience the joy of learning within an atmosphere that promotes high academic standards of achievement, responsible citizenship, and lifelong learning.


The administration, faculty, and staff of Bradshaw High School encourage behaviors that teach our youth to resolve conflicts successfully, to take risks with new ideas, and to understand that we all can falter without being judged.


Bradshaw High School inspires all students to find value in education and provides the opportunity for all students to reach the highest level of their potential, thus empowering all students to live productive and satisfying lives in our expanding technological and global society.



The Bradshaw faculty has set forth the following goals:


1. To help students acquire the fundamental skills necessary to adapt to a changing society;

2. To encourage physical, intellectual, emotional, and social growth;

3. To encourage critical and analytical thinking in each student;

4. To assist each student in the establishment of desirable goals;

5. To promote civility, tolerance, fairness, and compassion among students, faculty, administrators, and community;

6. To work toward instructional and professional excellence;

7. To encourage each student to work, participate, and cooperate to develop the understanding that each is accountable for his/her own actions.